Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Division 1 vs. Division 3

As we all know division one schools are the bigger ones such as IU or Auburn, while the division three are like DePauw and Franklin. Now if you look at school pr icings the division one schools are costly if you go out of state but cheaper for instate students. The division three on the other hand is expensive no matter what state you live in. School pr icings for out of state division one schools are anywhere from $4,000 up to $20,000 while division three starts off at $20,000 through $38,000. You'd think with the prices that division three schools should receive full athletic scholarships or any scholarship for athletics at all. That is not the case though, the only scholarships division three schools can grant to an athlete is academic related. While division one schools recruit like division three they can fulfil a student athlete with scholarships based on their sport of choice.
Why should division one be able to give athletic scholarships and division three only academic related scholarships?
You would think that since division three schools are known for academic standards and job placement after graduation that many student athletes that do not plan of joining the NBA or NFL would rather attend a school ranked for academic standing rather than playing for a school with low job placement and a low standard of academic expectations.
The reasons that some students go to these division one schools is because of the scholarship they received to play a certain sport is because they think they cannot get into a division three school, or they would not be able to afford to go to a smaller more expensive school.
Although division three schools cannot give athletic scholarships they make up with their academic scholarships and financial aid. Each student usually receives some type of money from the division three school to be able to attend the school.
So even though the scholarships are different, I would still stand by my opinion of going to a smaller division three school and choose to play a sport while in college but make education my priority while in college.
The percent of student athletes that move up into the major leagues of each sport is slim but if you are one of the select few that can enter a draft and be picked more power to you, I am just clearly not one of you.

If you go to the link below you can view the different types of scholarships offered in division one and two schools.
Here is a sports clip of Auburn vs. LSU 2006
Here is a sports clip of Franklin College vs. Thomas Moore


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AUBURN TIGERS----I know your post doesn't really have anything to do with Auburn but my aunt and uncle lives in AL, and they both work for the university! :o)

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Very interesting topic!
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